The Auto-Disc Model GA-404

  • Applications: Injection Molding, Injection Blow, Molding Extrusion or Set Rate Metering (Starve-Fed)
  • Components: Four Metered Ingredients.
  • Capacity: 900 lbs per Hour (408 Kilograms Per Hour)
Standard Features
  • Feeder handles all pellet types (including micropellets) and regrind
  • Set Rate Metering for on or offline blending
  • Integrated weigh scale system with push-button calibration for additive feeder
  • Material level Proximity sensor
  • Rugged clear material hoppers
  • Removable top housing for quick and easy material changeover
  • Control box with an easy to read 80 character LCD display, operates up to 4 components w/ loaders
  • Microprocessor stores up to 250 recipes that can be edited and loaded by computer
  • Event History feature records the last 76 events over 72 hours
Optional Features

Auto-Disc™ Central Vacuum System

The Plastrac Auto-Disc™ Central Vacuum System is powered by a 1.5 HP brush-type (CB-100) or 2.0 HP Brushless- type (CB-200) vacuum motor and loads material for up to four components.

Material Loaders

Material Loader Hoppers for the mini-central vacuum system contain level sensors that automatically trigger the system to load. The loaders are integrated into the systems control box.

Spare Top Units

Spare top units may be utilized for even speedier material changes. The top unit is easily removed and seals allowing material to be stored in the hopper.

Visual Alarm Strobe

The Visual Alarm Strobe compliments the audible alarm. It is especially ideal for louder environments.

Stainless Steel Hoppers

Durable Stainless Steel Hoppers are available in 9", 12" and 16" diameters. These Quick release material hoppers easily tie into central loading systems or can be fitted with a Plastrac material Loader as well as 3rd party systems.

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